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Seasonal Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss disturbs every woman. Though there are many factors which cause hair loss and only after knowing the exact reason for hair loss you can reach at a suitable solution. There are millions of hair follicles on our head which keep growing in our entire life. So hair loss is a natural phenomenon and a great requirement of our body. Continue reading


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How Does Male Pattern Baldness Occur

In simple terms, male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia is the loss of hair resulting in decreasing coverage of the scalp. The main symptoms of male pattern baldness are a receding of the hairline at the temples to the left and right of the forehead and later, a bald spot at the crown which expands with time. Continue reading

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How to Prevent Baldness at Young Age?

Many men start balding at very young age. Hair loss and balding at a young age is unexpected and very difficult to deal with. This can be very damaging for ones confidence and self esteem too. This problem typically begins with thinning hair above the eyebrows. Continue reading

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Why are you losing hair ?

Does much hipped fancy hair ad campaign at Television entice you? Models displaying their locks and claiming the scripted tall promises of hair care products, to some extent lure every body. We have a variety of anti-hair fall treatment products available in the market that claimed zero percent hair fall and so on. But the real question is to what extent such products protect your locks. Continue reading

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Try Yoga and Meditation for Hair fall Treatment

Does seeing so many hair strands in the comb can make you feel pity on your hair? Then stop feeling pity and try these yoga poses which can prevent your hair from falling. However one must keep this in mind those techniques such as yoga and meditation can help you in the initial stages only. Doing yoga and meditation on the regular basis only boast health of hair but also enhance blood circulation, improve digestion and reduce anxiety and stress. Here are few yoga asanas that are beneficial for hair loss. Continue reading