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How to Grow Hair Super Long

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Having beautifully long hair can go a long way to improving your look and subsequently, your confidence. If you’ve neglected your hair and it’s not in top-condition, or if last time you went to the salon you simply opted for a short style and now regret it, the length of time it can take to grow it out can be incredibly frustrating.

Beautiful Brunette Girl. Healthy Long Hair

On average, most peoples’ hair will grow just six inches per year. This means that leaving your hair to grow to its ideal length can take some time. However, luckily there are a few things you can do to grow your hairs super long and to also help get your hair into great condition whilst it grows.

The first way on how to grow hair long is to massage your scalp with a good herbal oil on a daily basis. Apply a little amount on the scalp and start giving yourself a massage, to give the massage use your fingers and massage firmly in small circles staring from the base of the scalp to the top of your head.

When you are done, a good way on how to grow hair is to perform hair tugs. Tugging your mane will promote the rapid growth of your mane. To perform this tug, simply slip your fingers gently through your hair and gently tug at your mane, hold it for a few second and let go, for this for all sections of your locks- and that is how to grow your mane super fast.

A bristle boar brush is a good way to stimulate the growth of your mane. Brush your mane with the brush on a daily basis and your locks will grow fast.

The very best way to stimulate hair growth is to do the above with a good herbal oil it is the best and fastest way to grow hair fast. The oil is all natural and contains herbs that will stimulate blood flow and grow your mane fast.

Now that we have taken external steps on how to grow hair, the next steps are internal.

To make your hair healthy you need to take care of your body. And there is no better way to make your mane grow by consuming fresh wholesome foods, foods that are free of fats salts and sugars. Replace salty and junk foods with green leafy vegetables and fruits Increase your protein sources like fish, egg whites and white meats- protein is needed to promote hair growth as it helps produce the keratin of which hair is made off!

You should also take hair vitamins like biotin and prenatal pills to grow hair faster. Other good hair vitamins include vitamins B, C, F, zinc; iron, copper and selenium take selenium to boost immune system.


Whether you’re trying to grow hair faster or trying to recover from hair loss; you need the best vitamins, nutrients, amino acids, and protein for the best results. These vitamins and minerals provide the necessary nutrition for the blood cells in your scalp so that hair can absorb nutrients for strong roots and healthy hair.In addition to stimulating faster hair growth, the right nutrition and supplements can slow down premature graying hair, restore faded hair color, and maintain shiny healthy hair.

Do all the above and be sure to use a good herbal oil as described and you will know how to grow hair super long. All natural hair oil will go a long way to nourish your hair and give you the healthy hair you deserve.


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