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Henna vs Hair Color

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hair dye benefitsHenna works better on your hair than any other commercial dye. It deposits itself on the scalp and does not move into your cortex. This property of henna makes it different from the rest of the hair dyes available in the market. The major benefit of henna is you can apply it to your hair yourself and the other advantage is it makes your hair smooth and shinny regardless of your hair are natural or relaxed. You can’t add up on any other benefits, but feel free to try it a few times and see what you get.

Pros of Henna

Pure henna is definitely safer than any hair color or commercial dye. Henna, In its usual form produces red or orange-red color. If you don’t want to go for bright red then you should try compound henna which will give you other dark colors like indigo, coffee than red.

Cons of Henna

The procedure of coloring your hair with henna is untidy and somewhat boring. So you have to be very patient during the application and you have to stick to same color for a month. It also confines the variety of colors you are able to attain afterwards. So if you like trying up new hair colors every now and then, then henna is not the right choice for you. Another big thing to be careful for are the brands offering mixed henna. This mixed henna may have metallic salts and chemical lighteners that can harm your hair or react with chemical dye you applied to your hair previously.

Pros of Chemical Dye

If Dye is compared with Henna then it is very rapid , simple and convenient. Color dyes are so omnipresent. Also it brings the hair color you desire whereas Henna has very limited color spectrum. Last but not least, more salon technicians are expert with chemical hair dye, so it’s a much more consistent and suitable option. Henna, which has not yet come into the mainstream, is a different story.

Cons of Chemical Dye

The major disadvantage of hair color is it damages your hair. You risk of over processing and frying your hair from too many color changes and bleaching. Your may get several allergies, hair loss. If we keeps these risks aside, these colors don’t stay in your hair for long. Henna, by contrast, hardly fades at all, removing the requirement to continuously head into the salon for a retouch.

Getting different colors after henna is however possible but it can be difficult. If you are apply dye after henna you are advised to test it first to get the desired results. You are strictly prohibited for coloring your eyelashes or eyebrows with hair color as it contains harmful chemicals which may cause irritation to your skin and eyes. It is also suggested not to leave the dye for longer than it instructs you to do so and wash thoroughly to make sure you have removed all the dye out of your hair.


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