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How to Select Hair-Care Products

Selection of a hair care product is not something to be taken carelessly. We have all heard stories of people who have made wrong choices in this regard, and lived to lament them all their lives. Obviously, this is not the track a right minded person would like to go. And it is from such a background that we come across, every day, thousands of people looking for advice on how to make a good choice of a hair care product. One would at first be tempted to ignore them, and brand them frivolous. But the truth of the matter is that they are wiser than those who choose to make their hair care product choices based on what they hear from adverts – only to end up dissatisfied, or worse. Continue reading


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How to Grow Hair Super Long

Having beautifully long hair can go a long way to improving your look and subsequently, your confidence. If you’ve neglected your hair and it’s not in top-condition, or if last time you went to the salon you simply opted for a short style and now regret it, the length of time it can take to grow it out can be incredibly frustrating. Continue reading

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Henna vs Hair Color

hair dye benefitsHenna works better on your hair than any other commercial dye. It deposits itself on the scalp and does not move into your cortex. This property of henna makes it different from the rest of the hair dyes available in the market. The major benefit of henna is you can apply it to your hair yourself and the other advantage is it makes your hair smooth and shinny regardless of your hair are natural or relaxed. You can’t add up on any other benefits, but feel free to try it a few times and see what you get. Continue reading