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Benefits of Steam Therapy for Hair

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You probably know that steam is beneficial for your skin but, it is also very good for your hair. Steaming your hair has a multitude of positive effects that can help you keep your hair healthy inspite of the damage done by the rampant pollution. There are several different ways of using steam on your hair. Using hair steamer is one of the most common ways. You can also steam your hair using a hot towel.

hair steaming therapyOpen Hair Pores:  It is very healthy to steam your hair just before oiling it. This is because steam opens up all the clogged pores of your hair. If the pores of your scalp remain clogged then the oil will not enter the hair roots. As a result, your hair gets no nourishment. But, steam opens the pores so that you get all the benefits of oiling your hair. This may lead to a bit of hair fall but in the long run, it will strengthen the roots of your hair.

For Hairstyles:  Styling wet hair is a messy affair. If you are styling your wet hair, then you will have to blow dry it simultaneously or else it will look limp. But if you use a hair steamer to style your hair, then all your problems are solved. A hair steamer wets the hair with steam just as much as required to set the hairstyle. It doesn’t leave you with soggy hair but a beautifully sculpted hairstyle.

Cleans Your Scalp:  Steaming is the best way to clean your scalp regularly. You may say that you clean your scalp anyway while washing your hair but that is not sufficient. Some dirt sticks stubbornly to your pores and over a period of time get glued to your scalp along with the grease in your hair. If you look at your scalp closely, you will be able to identify such dark spots. These can be eliminated only by regular steaming.

healthy hair growth


Promote Hair Growth:  Steaming is one of the best home remedies for hair growth problems. Sometimes, the dirt and dust of the atmosphere are responsible for stunted hair growth. Your hair follicles need a little extra impetus to grow in such situations. Steaming your hair provides that stimulus to your hair follicles and your hair growth improves if you do it regularly.

These are some of reasons why you must steam your hair. Do you know any other benefits of steaming hair?

Another article

We’ve been ranting and raving about the Q-Redew handheld hair steamer all week, and whether or not you purchase one there are still some reasons you may consider adding steaming into your natural hair regimen. There are also several different ways you can achieve the steam affect that don’t always involve a steaming device. So lets hop to it.

Steaming Your Hair: When you steam your hair you are creating a humid environment that is just right for moisturizing as opposed to the natural dry air all around us. (especially in the winter time) Steaming helps to replenish what may be sucked out during our every day routines. Steaming doesn’t have to be too time consuming or done every day, but you will start to see many differences and benefits in your hair if you decide to take the extra step.

Increases Moisture Retention For me, moisture retention is a major deal in my natural hair journey. Retaining moisture is crucial to accomplishing amazing styles such as twist outs, bantu knot outs, roller sets…etc. Why is this? Because when your hair has moisture you are able to obtain and KEEP definition.  So instead of a giant puff of frizz and fuzz you will be able to keep up that day 2, 3, 4, 5 day hair!

Enhanced curls If you are looking for loads of definition, the increase in moisture retention will also help to reshape and boost your curls. It will not change your hair texture (if done for the correct amount of time- no more than thirty minutes) but it will make your hair look different/better.

Strengthening hair : Steaming your hair helps create stronger strands which are more “elastic” The elasticity of your hair will help you keep an eye on the health of your hair. What this means is do your curls snap back to their original state after they are stretched. Steaming provides the moisture needed to keep your in a strong elastic state. This is key for those who are struggling in their transition (as we all do) because it may be difficult to calculate your elasticity when the line of demarcation is weak. Building strength in your hair will help in styling and length retention as well.

Refresh/Rejuvenate:  What I love the most about steaming is the fact that I don’t need to have a wet head all day whether I have my hair out or I am protective styling. I live in New York and our weather gets very crazy as we enter the fall/winter months. In one week you can have an extremely hot day, a humid rainy day, or a freezing cold day. With that type of variety I can’t always have a soaking wet head with my schedule. Steaming allows a session of remoisturization without having to re-wet my entire head.

Opens the cuticle of the hair This may be the best and most important part of steaming. Because you can steam for different purposes you will be able to lift/open the cuticle for varies reasons as well. For example I’ve been steaming during my deep conditioning treatment therefore allowing more of the conditioner to get into the strands of my hair. With the cuticle opened from the warm vapor being placed on it your hair is getting more nutrients than it would if you just tried to simply refresh your curls/or style by adding the conditioner. I love the fact that the steamer allows for all the “good stuff” of a hair product to get in before I rinse it off.

Easier stretching/manageability Like I said steaming can be used for various purposes. A steamer makes your hair more manageable and easier to detanlge. With that step becoming easier stretching your hair becomes a breeze as well, therefore cutting down on styling/detangling time during your wash days or styling moments. Best part… you get to use less product which will save you money in the long run.

Promotes Growth Say what?!? Well don’t jump the gun… the reason steaming your natural hair promotes hair growth is because it moisturizes the scalp which is the canvas for healthy hair growth. A steamer will help to increase the flow of natural oils on your scalp while providing a moisturized atmosphere for your hair/scalp to flourish. Adding this into your natural hair regimen will help you head in the right direction in your natural hair journey.

But what if you can’t afford a steamer? With all of the options out there you still may have to break the bank. There is the Green house effect, or baggy method which will get you the same results without spending a penny. You will have to generate/use your own generated body heat, and takes a bit more time than just twenty minutes. You can also create a steam room in your bathroom but running the shower and having the bathroom fill up with steam. All free of cost! Or you can enter our current giveaway to win your very own Q-Redew!


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