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What to Eat for Thick, Healthy Hair

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So, you’ve tried everything to make your hair grow- from the most expensive hair treatments to thousands of shampoos and lotions and medicines; but nothing seems to work. Well, here’s why- because you are not paying enough attention to your nutrition needs. It is a general misconception that as hair is dead tissue, it doesn’t need any nutrients for its growth. Contrary to that notion, proper dietary intake is vital for healthy, strong and long hair. After all, it is blood that nourishes the hair follicles and the roots have to be strong for your hair to grow.

Here are a few food items which are must-have for regular Hair Growth:


eggsIt is no surprise that eggs are excellent for your hair as they are very rich in protein. Hair, just like any other part of your body requires proteins in heavy quantities to grow.


beansAgain, beans are extremely rich in proteins. But that’s not all. They possess high fibre content and also different kinds of minerals. So, they are a complete package of essential nutrients. The best part about beans is that they can be included in any kind of food item be it a salad or a soup or a main course dish. And to top it all, they are low on calories. Not only will they improve your hair quality, they will also keep you slim and healthy.


salmonAs you must have guessed by now, the fish oils present in salmon and other varieties of fish acts as an amazing conditioner for the hair. They also contain protein that the hair completely loves. These oils also benefit your skin.

Dry Fruits and Nuts :

dry fruitsThey might not be very protein rich but they should be included in the diet as the hair needs its share of fiber as well. Nuts and dry fruits are a great source of fibre and some vitamins which can do wonders to your hair.

Dark Green Vegetables:

green vegetablesour hair follicles naturally secrete an oily substance which is called sebrun.this work as a natural hair conditioner. To secrete this substance, our body needs essential nutrients as vitamins A and C which are found in dark green vegetables. So add maximum green vegetables to your meals as spinach, broccoli etc. Dark green vegetables are also the great sources of iron and calcium which helps to promote the growth of healthy hair.

Foods to Avoid

  1. Stop consuming junk food
  2. Avoid alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and soft drinks
  3. Avoid soy protein shakes
  4. Stay away from cholesterol rich eatables
  5. Limited use of common salt
  6. Steer away from foodstuffs that claim to contain artificial flavor or natural flavor.
  7. Be watchful if you add more spices to your food.

Apart from unhealthy eating habits, malnutrition can be another factor to promote unhealthy, rough and fragile hair. Therefore, eat balanced foods which contain all the basic nutrients for the healthy growth. Then you can have lustrous, strong and healthy hair.


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