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How to Make Damaged Hair Look Healthy

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healthy hair tipsManaging damaged hair is a worried condition as you do not know what products to use and how to treat the condition. However, one thing is sure. Your hair obviously needs good care and tending so as to bring back its normal condition. So, the finest thing that you can do to treat the damaged condition is to give your hair with a protein conditioning treatment that can nourish with all the essential nutrients that will improve the condition. Your damaged hair requires hardcore nourishment with proteins. But other than just settling on any of the protein treatments that you have heard of popularly, it lies on how much research you do to get the best hair treatment for you. Protein treatment is highly essential for any type of hair whether it is damaged or not. But if your hair is already damaged, you are required to provide your hair with intense protein treatment as a minimum once in a month. Regular protein treatment will get your hair in the best condition.

How to Keep Your Hair and Scalp Healthy and Avoid Scalp Stress

Hair needs protein, iron, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin A in required quantities for good hair health. The superior way to make your hair shiny is to feed the follicle with essential nutrients and they get their nutrients from the blood supply in your body. So, by consuming things like which are rich omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, zinc you can feed that precious follicle what it needs to produce healthy and shiny hair strands. And, don’t forget that low fat dairy products, whole grains and vegetables are not only good for your hair but also are good for your heart!

Other Ways to Avoid Damage to the Hair

There are things that we do to our hair, to make yourself look better actually damage your hair. If you are among the people who favor the tightly braided corn rows, pigtails or hairstyles that pull the hair shaft tightly, then you could be setting yourself up for a hair loss condition which simply means stress hair loss.

This leads to loosen up the grip of the hair follicle on the hair shaft and it will be shed prematurely. As mentioned above, if the hair is shed prematurely and the hair follicle starts the next growing cycle, you could find yourself running out of growth cycles before you would like.

Other ways that we can cause damage to the hair and the hair shaft is by over-styling. You know what I mean – blow drying, flat iron use, coloring and bleaching and even over-brushing can damage the outer layer of the hair shaft. Damage to the hair in this way will result in dry and dull looking hair.

What Can You Do to Change the Cycle of Damage?

You can change the cycle of the damage by changing your hair style or weaving the style more loosely. You can eat the foods suggested above to provide the nutrients needed by the hair follicle for good health.



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