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Seasonal Hair Loss in Women

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Hair loss disturbs every woman. Though there are many factors which cause hair loss and only after knowing the exact reason for hair loss you can reach at a suitable solution. There are millions of hair follicles on our head which keep growing in our entire life. So hair loss is a natural phenomenon and a great requirement of our loss in women

Our old hair strands fall off making way to the new strands and shedding around 50-100 hair in a day and it is considered to be a normal hair loss. Seasonal loss is nothing serious but a fall of tomentum is very serious as it is caused due to other factors like diseases.

Hormonal imbalance, vitamin deficiency, weather conditions, decreased health and low body immunity are such other reasons which can be the reason for fall of tomentum. Normally our hair has a life span of about 6 years and it is quite normal for every individual to lose as many as 100 hair strands a day and the figure varies depending on seasons as well.

Pregnant ladies and women who have reached on menopause will have to suffer from more hair fall than others. Seasonal hair fall when summer and winter are on peak is quite common. Both Heat and cold wind dries out the hair which may cause hair fall. Some prevention can be taken to lessen your hair fall. Try to tie your hair in a knot to prevent split ends and seasonal fuzz loss and protect your tomentum from the cruel weather conditions by wearing head scarves when you go out.

Usually, in autumn and springs women loss more hair. They may shed around 100 strands in a day but there’s nothing to worry it is considered very normal and in rest of the seasons like in summers and winters, women may shed on an average of 50 strands per day. Some people shed more fuzz but it will grow as fast as it is shed.

Methods to find Out Whether You Have Seasonal tomentum Loss?

The answer to this very randomly asked question lies in the fact that how much Hair fall is occurring. If you are losing 100 strands or more daily for a fairly long period of time then it could be due to bad scalp conditions. On the other hand, people with genetic thinning or androgen related loss will have rapid loss but often happens in a patterns like at the temples or crown of your head, which is difficult to grow up again. The hair growth might be slow, or may be thin and fragile. This is because of the hormonal imbalance.

Hence, seasonal hair loss is sudden to appear and disappear and is not a matter of serious concern as it never causes the volume or the appearance of your hair. Seasonal Hair Loss could be due to many factors like exposure to sunlight. During winter, the pace of hair loss in women increases with the decrease of synthesis of Vitamin D in the body because of insufficient sunlight.


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