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How Does Male Pattern Baldness Occur

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In simple terms, male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia is the loss of hair resulting in decreasing coverage of the scalp. The main symptoms of male pattern baldness are a receding of the hairline at the temples to the left and right of the forehead and later, a bald spot at the crown which expands with time.

reasons of male pattern baldness

male pattern baldness causes

Male baldness or commonly called male pattern baldness is a particular kind of baldness that is caused by genetic predisposition to testosterone. Testosterone is changed to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the presence of an enzyme 5-alpha-reductase. DHT causes hair follicles to shrink as well as causing the blood vessels that supply hair follicles to the scalp shrink. This causes the thinning of hair in the scalp. This particularly occurs in the top of the scalp. In mean time, men start to show some signs of hair loss above the scalp.

Male pattern baldness, though genetically predisposed the time at which it starts, seems not to be hereditarily determined, though it seems to be determined by any individual’s lifestyle and feeding habits. In baldness reviews, you will be able to collect information on people who belong to the same families and analyze the ages at which they developed baldness. From this data it will be evident that even persons in the same family will not develop baldness at the same time. This proves that there are other factors involved in the expansion of baldness.

Common causes of early balding  comprise drug use. Drugs such as liquor and nicotine when abused can cause problems that are associated with the blood and respiratory systems. Smoking damages the lungs which results in reduced oxygenation of the blood. This reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches cells such as hair follicles. The result is that hair will show some signs of thinning and increased loss. Nicotine also constricts blood vessels thus further hindering the free flow of blood to hair follicles. This will chock hair follicles, starving them to death, causing baldness
What can be done!

It is probably fairly obvious by now that any success treatment must have a component that blocks DHT’s ability to disrupt the hair replacement cycle. There are couples of herbs that have been effective in this search. The next step is to find a product that is rich in vitamins and extracts that can provide a fertile ground for hair regrowth. And lastly, regard as a topical hair growth stimulator such as minoxidil or perhaps a natural blend of stimulating oils (almond, pumpkinseed) to accelerate hair growth. But if you have already lost most of your hair due to male pattern baldness your options will be limited to surgery, a hairpiece, or loving your partially bald new look.

And by making changes in your hair care routine, lifestyle and diet may help minimize the appearance of hair loss. Treat your remaining hair with care. Most people are too rough with it, brushing it in a hurry or heating it to very high temperatures in order to achieve a certain look. Use a comb, not a brush and avoid tightly fitting caps or hats.


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