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Hair Care in Monsoon

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The rainy season is already at your door and this is the right time for having some extra care for your hair, as the monsoon is not considered a good friend for your tresses. So here is the time to face many hair problems like limpness, greasiness and hair fall. The unnecessary quantity of moisture in the air makes your hair dull, flat and twisted. Therefore this is the most crucial time for you to have a thorough hair care regiment for the gentle and effective care of your hair. But the question here is how to protect. Well I have some tips for you follow them and then feel the change.

hair care in monsoon

hair care in monsoon

What to do?

Do not use too many hair products and use a mild shampoo and gentle conditioner instead for your hair. Wash your hair so regularly but don’t use conditioner ever since you have head bath. Drink plenty of water and have protein enriched diet by adding lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in it.

You can also have a short hair cut. It will make you feel better. This is because it gets hard to manage your unruly hair during monsoon.

Regular heena treatment can be good help during this season.

Use anti-humidity hair gel to groom stubborn hair. But don’t forget to use only good quality product.

You should have head massage at least once in a week. It will help to regain the right amount of moisture to your hair and will make your hair smooth.

Honey and olive oil both work good for your hair. Mix both the material and apply it to your hair. It will act as a conditioner.

Tip- never apply conditioner to your scalp as it weakens your hair. Apply it only on the length of hair.

I have told you the best of do’s and do not’s are yet to know..

So here we go

Avoid using hair dryers or other heat treatments and it you really need to dry your hair then make sure that your hair is not dripping wet. Put the dryer away at least at the distance of 6 inches.

Avoid chemical and permanent treatments like straightening or smoothening of hair.

Tip- Do not comb your hair when they are wet.

Time to have a look on some extra tips for better treatment of your hair during rains. Problem of frizzy hair is too common in monsoon as the humidity in air makes your hair rough and dry. Therefore conditioning is must. But be skeptic while choosing the right conditions. If you have dry hair use conditioner which have extracts of avocado oil and burdock. This will make your hair silky smooth and also help prevent hair fall. And if you hair is oily then u must use a conditioner which will give volume to your hair. Natural extracts of rosemary and sage can help you and will provide extra bounce and vitality to limp hair.


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