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How to Prevent Baldness at Young Age?

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Many men start balding at very young age. Hair loss and balding at a young age is unexpected and very difficult to deal with. This can be very damaging for ones confidence and self esteem too. This problem typically begins with thinning hair above the eyebrows. Losing your hair is a genetic trait that can be inherited from either parent. It affects women as well. However, female hair loss rarely results in total baldness.

baldness during young age

baldness in young age

Unfortunately, there’s no way to completely stop thinning hair. The good news is that there are several ways to help prevent hair loss. Most of which are just a matter of common sense and very affordable

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Many men don’t understand how important it is to live healthy in order to keep hair healthy. Having a diet consisting of cigarettes, caffeine, and refined carbohydrates will destroy your hair follicles over time. However, exercising and taking in essential vitamins can help prevent hair fall. Try to get your daily dose of essential B vitamins. Also, foods such as eggs, spinach, chicken, and nuts contain Biotin, a vitamin which helps hair growth.

Deal With It

One way to deal with balding is to let it run its course. Many men decide to take this route so you are not alone. However, I have some suggestions in case you were deciding to just go bald. First off, make sure your hair is managed and tidy. Some men who let their hair fall out completely don’t shave their heads. Nothing looks worse than a man growing his hair out while suffering from pattern baldness. Everyone can tell and no one thinks it looks good. You would be surprised at how you look bald if you never have been, and it probably is not as bad as you think.

Take Care of Your Hair

Stop using harsh products and gels. Don’t pick up that cheap hair spray at the store any longer. Avoid any treatment that has the potential to damage hair. This includes bleaching, coloring, and perming and hair dryer use… especially on a repeated basis.

When combing or brushing your hair always use smooth-tipped combs and brushes that are equipped with wide teeth. Never brush wet hair using quick strokes. Doing so only results in the greater possibility of breaking or tearing hair out at the roots.

The ideal method to dry wet hair is to blot it with a towel. Rubbing vigorously is not a good idea, as this can be damaging as well. If you do not take care of your hair then it will not take care of itself. Focus on using natural hair care products that won’t be detrimental to your follicles over time.

In some instances, baldness is caused by a medical condition such as a thyroid disorder. Prompt diagnosis and treatment can make the difference between losing your hair and not losing your hair. It is a common misconception that wearing a hat causes premature baldness or thinning hair. This is simply not the case These are hair loss solutions for young men. You can either deal with it or fight it. Personally, I suggest you to fight balding with treatments and by changing your lifestyle. It will definitely work for you.


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