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Best Supplements for Faster Hair Growth

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We are not sure if there is anything more annoying than waiting for certain things like for a bus, call of someone or especially your hair to grow right now- now you must be feeling like you never going to get the length you want. If you are looking for the best supplements for faster hair growth then read on as I shall discuss about some of the vitamins that can help you for this purpose.

Hair loss is a common problem among many people who have reached the age of 40 and above. In most instances, this is due to improper or imbalance diet; hence, in order to promote faster growth you have to take in proper nutrition and healthy meal plan that will ensure you get the best nutrients for this intention.

Nutrients our Hair Require for Growth

Some of the best supplements for faster hair growth are vitamin A which helps your scalp in producing many healthy sebum, Biotin which helps in the production of Keratin, an antioxidant vitamin C, vitamin E to enhance the scalp circulation, Inositol for healthier hair follicles, and vitamin B12 and B6 for efficient prevention of hair-loss and graying of hair; other essential nutrients include vitamin C, Para-Amino benzoic acid, and Niacin. These are just some of the many nutrients that you can take to help improve your condition. Besides the many vitamins included in a hair growth supplement, there are necessary minerals as well.

Zinc works well with vitamin A to keep hair from becoming dry and breaking easily. Calcium and magnesium work together to help with growing hair. Fluorine and selenium are two other minerals usually found in many hair supplements.

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In order for you to get these best supplements for faster hair growth, you need to increase your consumption of the following foods: fruits like strawberries, pineapple, citrus, and kiwi; as well as green leafy vegetables. You can also take some of these foods: wheat germ oil, potatoes, dried beans, eggs, raw seed, green peppers, brewer’s yeast, whole grains, rice, liver, red meat, turkey and chicken.

There are still many other foods that can help provide you with the required essential nutrients that are greatly beneficial for this purpose; you can ask your dietitian for more detailed information regarding this matter and guide you with the proper meal plan that is well ideal for your goal.

Aside from diet, you should also put some efforts on your part in its proper care and maintenance by avoiding incidences that will promote hair-loss; such as stress and anxiety, minimize exposure to extreme weather condition, and other illnesses and health disorders. You can also take some products that will help promote growth and prevent hair-loss in order to reinforce the effects of your healthy diet.

In any case, you should initiate change in both diet and lifestyle in order for you to have healthier hair; along with your regular consumption of the best supplements for faster hair growth, you should be to observe significant improvement as a result of the efforts you have made to achieve your goal.


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