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Try Yoga and Meditation for Hair fall Treatment

Does seeing so many hair strands in the comb can make you feel pity on your hair? Then stop feeling pity and try these yoga poses which can prevent your hair from falling. However one must keep this in mind those techniques such as yoga and meditation can help you in the initial stages only. Doing yoga and meditation on the regular basis only boast health of hair but also enhance blood circulation, improve digestion and reduce anxiety and stress. Here are few yoga asanas that are beneficial for hair loss. Continue reading


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The most effective treatment for hair fall

Are you suffering from hair fall? Is this winter season taking toll on your locks? Do you have Dandruff, split ends, parched stands, static and fizzy hairs and is worried about the condition of your beautiful tresses. Then stop it now because it may be seasonal and can be cured easily by giving little attention. Actually long exposure to the extreme weather condition like dry winters and chilly winds can damage hairs to the large extent by making them dry brittle and delicate. Here are some tips to keep your hair healthy, smooth and silky in this season

Know your Hair type

Identify your hair type. Basically tresses are oily, dry, and normal and combination of all and every hair type has its own needs. Once you became aware of your hair type, choose a shampoo and conditioner that best meet the needs of your tresses. Today companies are making shampoos and conditioners specially keeping in mind the needs of the customer’s hair types. Since hair are delicate so instead of having harsh chemical based products opt for the herbal based product.



Keep your hair clean

Wash your hair on regular interval but avoid over doing in the winter. Avoid too much hot water to rinse your hair instead use lukewarm water as it help in retaining moisture of the hair. Use neat and clean comb on your hair.

Hot oil therapy:

Hot oil therapy can do wonders in maintaining the healthy texture and shine of the hair. It also avoids excessive flaking. Apply little oil into your scalp and leave it there for about half an hour before showering. Massage with hot oil help in retaining the moisture of the scalp and loosen old cells.

Hair conditioning:

To keep your tresses soft and silky smooth it’s very important to have a deep conditioning every time you rinse your hair. Well moisturized hair means less frequent static attacks and it also ensures the natural brightness and strength of the hairs. Choose conditioner according to the health type. There are a variety of conditioner varies from dry to normal hair type.

Avoid use of hair dryer and styling tool

Excessive use of the dryer during winters is not preferred as it evaporates the essential moisture of the hair. Even if you must want to use them then use leave in conditioner first. Less your dependency on the styling tool, healthier will be your hairs.

 Take care of dandruff

Flaking is very common in winters. So to resist flaking and itching use anti dandruff lotions, anti dandruff shampoo tries hot oil therapy. Make sure that the product you apply on your hair should have gentle pH-balance.

Shield your hair:

Protect your locks from the cold waves.  Every time you go outside wear hat and scarf, shielding your hair against cold waves retain the moisture of the hair.